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Pina - A5

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The Pina - A5 template is compatible with the TechWriters template

  1. The Pina A5 FrameMaker template is an effective and simple, two column horizontal A5 template meant for small user instructions.
  2. It is compatible with the TechWriters template. This makes it possible to use the TechWriters template for your manuscripts and the Pina Template for your formatting and publishing.

Heading levels

  • We have built in 9 heading levels
  • 6 Table styles
  • 4 Object styles
  • 9 Character Styles
  • Index
  • Table of Contents
  • Front page
  • Basic page size in A4 with metric units
  • General font is Calibri. Calibri is versatile, supports a fair number of languages and looks a little more modern

Special TechWriter feature

  • Special "note headings" for Warning, Danger, Notice and Info
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