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Tahona - A4 Template

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A4 - Portrait
1 column w. sidehead
Version 2020 (16)
Illustrator files (AI), JPEG files, PhotoShop PSD, PNG files
Settings for PDF, Settings for HTML5
Calibri, Corbel, Courier New
HTML5 version of the Tahona Template

"Tahona" is a 20th anniversary tribute to the original FrameMaker templates. It is built upon one of those, but with a modern twist. About the name: Tahona is a method for crushing the baked agaves which are used for making tequila. All the FrameMaker templates from FrameMaker.dk comes with a tequila themed name.

This template is:

  • in A4, which is a common european page size
  • Colourful. It is based on a blue colour theme. Blue like the Blue Agave, which is used for making tequila :-)
  • Built using only Win10 default fonts. The fonts used are Corbel, Palatino Linotype and Courier New - all fonts which are shipped with Win10
  • We have made a HTML5 settings file which makes it easy to publish to HTML5. The settings file make a nice conversion for better screen reading.

The templates HTML5 version may be seen here!

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