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We do other types of designs than just industrial graphic design. We have an account on where you can take a look at some of the designs we've done.

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The FrameMaker Template System

The FrameMaker Template System is a setup where you can separate the writing process from the layout and formatting process.

This is how it works

Rebranding of manuals and technical documentation

When a company changes its logo, is sold to another company, or relaunches a suite of products it is quite common to change the graphic identity of the technical documentation.

Logoes need to be replaced. Product names need to changed and entire documents need to reformatted.


Development and design of help files/support files

at we can help you develop help files in *.chm format, responsive HTML5 and interactive PDF.

Customization of FrameMaker templates

While we do sell premade templates for Adobe FrameMaker in the FrameMaker Templates Shop, these templates are meant to be "general use" templates. Very often a company will need template customization in order to cover all the needs of a certain kind of technical documentation.

Clipper cards for Adobe FrameMaker support

Clipper cards are an easy and flexible solution, giving you access to help when you need it. We have created favourable prices with good discount! Hours are paid in full upfront and are valid for 6 months from date of purchase (unless we have agreed otherwise in writing).

Development and design of help/support files

At we can help you develop help files in *.chm format, responsive HTML5 and interactive PDF.

Graphic design of technical documentation

We have many years of experience working with the special discipline of designing technical documentation.

User Guides, Instruction Books, etc. It sounds like the same thing, but in practice there is often a big difference.

Template Design for Adobe FrameMaker

We are specialists in graphic design and template development for Adobe FrameMaker and have been working in the field since 2000. We are also the world's only provider of commercial templates for FrameMaker from The FrameMaker Template Shop.

Graphic design of textbooks

Textbooks, professional literature and magazines, research material and reference works all have in common a high degree of meta-information. That is, there are footnotes, cross-references, pictorial,

Design of marketing and exhibition materials

When the company goes to a trade fair, it needs promotional materials. These can be beach flags, roll-ups, posters, flyers and various give-aways. This is traditional graphic work and something