Introduction to the Scandinavian Ship Guide Template in Adobe FrameMaker 2022

A couple of years ago I designed two templates to be included in Adobe FrameMakers collection of standard templates. Here is an introduction to one of these templates, the Scandinavian Ship Guide Template.

How to do affordable catalog publishing using Adobe FrameMaker and Joomla

If you invest a bit of planning, it is very easy and affordable to do catalog publishing using Adobe FrameMaker. And using Joomla to host your catalog, you can have an Ipaper style catalog for close to free.

Intro video to our free A5 Adobe FrameMaker template

Free A5 Adobe FrameMaker template

This is an introduction to our free Adobe FrameMaker template in A5 size. Most templates for technical documentation focuses on larger page sizes lika A4, but for this project we chose to make it A5. The result is a pretty and neat template with great options for layout. We have incorporated the use of Object Styles in order to facilitate more fluent and consistent handling of graphics. Enjoy!

You may download the template here!

Create recurring graphic objects consistently using Adobe FrameMaker Object Styles

Create Object Styles in Adobe FrameMaker to consistently handle objects like arrows, lines and boxes.

This is a small video demonstrating how to apply Object Styles to graphic objects like arrows and lines in Adobe FrameMaker. There are many benefits to using Object Styles, but it is unfortunately a little used feature.


Keep consistency in your Adobe FrameMaker template with Object Styles

Use Object Styles as a quick tool to keep over rides at bay in your FrameMaker template

When you are working in a FrameMaker document, it is easy to create over rides or modification to objects. And over rides is where templates start to decay. Using Object Styles you can reset your objects to their original settings and keep  your template ok.

Using Object Styles in Adobe FrameMaker to handle anchored frames

Placing anchored frames can  be a time consuming hassle in Adobe FrameMaker, but using Object Styles things can get easier

Anchored frames is how we mostly deal with referenced graphics in Adobe FrameMaker. But placing them can be a bit of hassle, if you are working with complex layouts or merely just want them to be the same size consistently.

This is where Object Styles can help, as demonstated in this video.

Quick intro to Hypertext in Adobe FrameMaker 2019

Quick intro to using the Hypertext feature in Adobe FrameMaker 2019

Introduction to Adobe RoboHelp 2019 - The Little Tequila book. Part 2 of 3

Second part of our small Tequila book project demonstrating the capabilities of Adobe RoboHelp 2019

Introduktion til Adobe RoboHelp 2019 - Den lille Tequilabog. Del 1 af 3

Small intro video to creating a recipe collection in Adobe RoboHelp

This is a small video demonstrating how to work with Adobe RoboHelp on a basic level


"Open Containing Folder" en intro til nye features i Adobe FrameMaker 2019

"Open Containing Folder" is a great small new addition to the FrameMaker user interface

This feature allows you to instantly find your document on your hard drive or network.


Using Publish Pod to generate print ready PDF filer in Adobe FrameMaker

The Publish Pod is the publishing center of the FrameMaker universe helping you output to - amongst other formats - print ready PDF

"Fit to Image" - review of Adobe FrameMaker 2019 new features

New features in Adobe FrameMaker 2019

"Fit to Image" and "Fit to Frame" are nice new features in Adobe FrameMaker 2019

Review of two FrameMaker extend scripts by Klaus Daube and Rick Quatro

Review of "Navigation" and "Archive" - two Adobe FrameMaker scripts to help you in your daily work

This is a small review of two helpful Adobe FrameMaker scripts by Klaus Daube and Rick Quatro.





"Navigate Document" A review of an excellent FrameMaker script by Klaus Daube

"Navigate Document" is an excellent script helping the writer get an overview over the content in a document

Microsoft Word has had a feature showing a headline based overview over your document for years. And now Klaus Daube has written something similar for Adobe FrameMaker, and it can be an immense help, especially with long documents.

Take a look at it here.

"Template Tools" an introduction to a FrameMaker extend script by Carmen Publishing (2)

"Template Tools" is a magnificent creative tool to help you design an Adobe FrameMaker template

"Template Tools" creates text based on the styles defined in your template. This is a great creative help, when you are designing the overall look of your template.

How to do Content Marketing for a small webshop using Adobe FrameMaker. 1/2

First part of two, of our "Content Marketing with Adobe FrameMaker" project

Adobe sometimes markets Adobe FrameMaker as a tool for Content Marketing. The business cases showed though, are often based on very large companies, making it difficult for smaller companies to figure out whether the cases really are as good as described.

Which is why we decided to create a business case showing a low level and very practical solution based on something approachable.

Please enjoy first part of our business case showing  how to use Adobe FrameMaker for Content Marketing in conjunction with a webshop selling tequila.


Delete Formats - intro to an Adobe FrameMaker extend script

"Delete Formats" is a small script written by Rick Quatro of Carmen Publishing

"Delete Formats" is a nifty little script, which will  help you do some spring cleaning in your documents. It can help  you sort out all the "dead wood" and have you get a better grip over the documents formatting.

"Bagazzo" - intro to our free Adobe FrameMaker template for reference books

"Bagazzo" is the name of this free Adobe FrameMaker template meant for creating not-complicated reference works

The "Bagazzo" template is meant for creating colorful reference works with lots of pictures an nice layouts. We have incorporated some great Object Styles making your life easier when you want to place anchored frames.

You can find the download here!

How to do Content Marketing for a small webshop using Adobe FrameMaker. 2/2

Second part of two, of our "Content Marketing using Adobe FrameMaker" project

This is the second part of our project showing how to utilize the versatility of Adobe FrameMaker for creating Content Marketing.

In this part, we demonstrate how to leverage the HTML5 publishing for creating inbound organic search traffic for the webshop.