Who own and run FrameMaker.dk?

Please find FrameMaker.dk Company Info

What's the deal with the strange names? "Tahona"... what kind of name is that?

The names for the templates have all been derived from the world of tequila! I am a tequila enthusiast and also run Tequila.dk. So the names are a tribute to all good things tequila :-) Silly? Yes!

Do you develop and sell your templates both in an structured and in an unstructured version?

No. Right now we only develop and sell unstructured templates. We are diving into structured authoring though, but are not quite ready yet to offer development.

Can you help us implement the templates?

Yes. We are glad to help, but we may have to calculate a price, depending on the complexity of the work involved.

Are we allowed to change the templates and make copies of them?

Yep. You are absolutely free to do whatever sinister act you feel like doing with the templates and that also involves copying them. :-)

Are the templates compatible with older versions of Adobe FrameMaker?

Yes... probably. We deliver our templates with MIF files which should make them compatible with older versions of FrameMaker. But we can't guarantee that everything will work 100%.

You write that one is being added to a mailing list if one buys a template... What is the deal with that?

Yep - that is true. But fear not! News mails are VERY rarely sent out, and in any circumstance, you can unsubscribe directly from the newsmail.