Content Transformation by Scriptorium - a review

I have to admit that I don't - really - like the term "content". Content is the word for handling information in large amounts. Big amounts of technical documentation, medical/medico information, financial information etc. And handling all that information and making it accessible, readable, printable, open for analysis etc is a business in its own, the Content Management business.

The company, Scriptorium which is behind this book, has worked that business niche for many years as consultants, developers and - also - visionaries.

The book is sort of a manifesto, in the sense that it takes the reader through all the stages and shapes of "content". How it can be sorted, filtered, analyzed, transformed and published. There is a bunch of nice illustrations which work well and the text is to the point and easy to read. The book gives a fine overview of the entire transformation of content in its different phases.

From the perspective of a designer... it could be a more beautiful book had the aesthetic dimension been given a little more time! Recommended.

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