How to do Content Marketing for small Webshops with Adobe FrameMaker [2/3]

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Welcome to the second part of three, of my business case: "Content Marketing for Webshops with Adobe FrameMaker".

As short note on the background for this project. I work professionally as a graphic designer on a daily basis with Adobe FrameMaker. And have done so since 1995. FrameMaker is a great, creative and versatile tool and an ideal choice for working with Content Marketing.

My two small companies, "" and ""

I am also the owner of, which is a small webshop selling high quality tequila and mezcal in Scandinavia. So I figured - why not use my FrameMaker skills to the advantage of my webshop?

I have written the only danish book on tequila in Adobe FrameMaker and I wanted to use that book as content for a small business Content Marketing project with Adobe FrameMaker.

Blue Agave

Improving Customer Knowledge

Tequila is a great spirit,  but it is also a spirit where most customers know very little about the origins, history and production methods of it.

Tequila has an international reputation for being a cheap party spirit, but tequilas raw material, "Blue Agave", is actually quite expensive and the history of agave spirits go way back into pre-columbian times.

So, there is a schisma between the general public knowledge of this spirit and what it actually is!

Putting things together in Adobe FrameMaker

Having a better understanding of what tequila is, makes the customer a connoisseur, and who does not want to be a connoisseur?... Which is why part of the tequila book is a glossary of tequila terms and definitions. Distributing insight into the "language of tequila" in an approachable and smart manner is something I wanted to do in the shape of a glossary epub book.

The entire Tequila book is put together using Adobe FrameMakers Book file function. This means that all chapters are separate FrameMaker files resting in the book file.

The Tequila Book in Adobe FrameMaker

The glossary is no exception. The glossary is written in a single FrameMaker file with a separate FrameMaker file for a front page and another for an intro text. When I publish then entire book to pdf, I am able exempt the glossarys front page from the publishing process, but when I publish the epub file, I can include only the glossary pages and exclude the rest.


EPub is a pretty simple format and it does not support complex formatting very well. It is pretty robust though and FrameMakers publishing pod makes it easy to create one.

Epub topics in FrameMakerThe ePub is meant to be small dictionary/glossary. Meaning that I want all the index words to have each their own page in the ePub file. While the glossary is printed as one long article, I can use  FrameMakers publishing pod, to separate each index word into topics, separated by heading styles.

I distributed the ePub file as a free download from a section on the webshop.

Benefits to the webshops organic visibility on Google

Putting up a free ePub download does in do anything for the webshop in terms of SEO. It may generate some very small amount of extra traffic, but probably nothing notable, and especially not so, because the ePub file holds no backlinks to the webshop.

The ePub file can be downloaded and installed on Android/Iphone devices alike, and be read using an ebook reader app.

While the ePub file, does not generate any backlinks, it does help build customer knowledge and a better understanding of what my products - tequila and mezcal - are about. And that was the main point all along!


Graphic design and development in Adobe Technical Communication Suite
V. Bjørn Smalbro

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