3 reasons why Technical Writing has become the worlds most important and influential job!

1: Google is a Global User Manual for the worlds products!

So… your lawn mower makes a strange sound and won't start…

  • Do you go back to your shed and find the printed manual for the mower? No, you threw it out of course! 
  • Do you go to the manufacturers website and download the manual? No, of course not! Would take hours to find that silly stuff!!
  • Do you ask Google? Of course you do! And Google presents you with a nice little 3 point snippet User Manual in the top of the search results: 1: turn button 2: move lever 3: etc. '

Did Google write that text? No - a Technical Writer did!

And THIS process makes Google into - not just a search engine - but a User Manual for your entire life!

Googles snippets presents you with actual ADVICE on how to solve problems of every size and shape. Advice very often written by Technical Writers!


2: Technical Writers have the Skills to supply information in a precise manner

Now… making Google pick up YOUR text as a user guide snippet to make that lawn mover spring into life, is not so easy.

There are a great many lawn mower brands and they all mow lawns, so in order for Google to be able to use YOUR text as an answer to a question posed, requires some structured markup in the code, SEO optimizing and other technical stuff - but most of all: It requires clear and well written text which is to the point!

The kind of text a good Technical Writer can provide by being able to adhere to method. 


3: Precise answers generate Revenue

Sales… You are happy now! The damned lawn mower woke up because you found the right advice immediately by searching Google.

The right advice for that particular brand of lawn mover even! And this is no small feat, for had you NOT found that advice and been stuck, sweating and cursing on the lawn with a non moving AND non mowing lawn mover, you would have become an un-happy customer who got mad at the brand.

Making your technical content easily usable and actionable for a customer doing a websearch makes it possible to generate extra sales, like spareparts, new models and support.



Graphic design and development in Adobe Technical Communication Suite
V. Bjørn Smalbro

Engdraget 76
2500 Valby
Phone: 20 96 09 19

email: info@framemaker.dk


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