Tools and inheritance

Tools and inheritance

This hammer, this screwdriver, and these pliers used to belong to my father when he was still alive. I got them when he died, and they hang on the wall in my tool shed along with other tools. Some I have bought myself and some came from my fathers collection of tools. And some of the tools come from my grandfather.

I often use both the hammer and the screwdriver and everytime I do, I feel a sort of connection to my father. I look at the dents and scratches and get a sense of him working with these tools. To make a living, to fix things at home and for his many hobbies. They show the wear of that work.

Content Transformation by Scriptorium - a review

I have to admit that I don't - really - like the term "content". Content is the word for handling information in large amounts. Big amounts of technical documentation, medical/medico information, financial information etc. And handling all that information and making it accessible, readable, printable, open for analysis etc is a business in its own, the Content Management business.

The company, Scriptorium which is behind this book, has worked that business niche for many years as consultants, developers and - also - visionaries.

The book is sort of a manifesto, in the sense that it takes the reader through all the stages and shapes of "content". How it can be sorted, filtered, analyzed, transformed and published. There is a bunch of nice illustrations which work well and the text is to the point and easy to read. The book gives a fine overview of the entire transformation of content in its different phases.

From the perspective of a designer... it could be a more beautiful book had the aesthetic dimension been given a little more time! Recommended.

The book can be bought from Amazon here:

Adobe Framemaker 2022 Review

Should you upgrade to FrameMaker 2022?

Yes! Yes, you should upgrade to FrameMaker 2022, because it is reliable and you do need the latest revisions. FrameMaker relies on your operating system, other programs and other file formats and in order to make things work, you need to keep up with the times. And on a more personal level - you need to keep your resume up to date.   

... and here comes the actual Adobe FrameMaker 2022 review!   

Adobe shows great caution when it comes to updating and modernizing

New designs on

We do other types of designs than just industrial graphic design. We have an account on where you can take a look at some of the designs we've done.

Check out these, and my other designs on

Hijuelos template

Update of Hijuelos template

The Hijuelos framemaker template is by far one our most popular templates.

It is a template meant to bring into framemaker the joy of quickly starting to write and get work done.

While FrameMaker IS a wonderful tool, creating a new blank document will not give you much inspiration for writing, as it comes with next to no formatting options.

This is where the Hijuelos template comes to the impatient writers rescue!

Quiote FrameMaker Template outputs

Designing for multiple outputs

Use the design option of Publish to create beautiful output deisgns for Adobe FrameMaker templates

Adobe FrameMaker comes with an option to publish your documents to mulitiple outputs like pdf/html5, epub and chm. The design of these outputs can be highly customized. Here we show you how the output designs of our Quiote Template look.

HTML5 version

PDF version

Sample PDF version


EU law Right to Repair

EU passes Right to Repair into law

Good news for the technical writers and communicators all over the world! The EU is going ahead with "Rights to repair" with the new regulations on ecodesign that took effect on 1 March 2021.

Anejo PDF

This is pdf preview of our Adobe FrameMaker template which can be found here:

Graphic design for DITA

The road to graphic design for DITA

I work as a self employed industrial graphic designer. Meaning I am the one who has to figure out what skills I have to keep up-to-date and what new stuff I have to learn.

The world changes. All the time. New technologies arrive, other disappear or become redundant. 

When you are the only one to pay for your education, you learn to prioritize. I have found that it is worth it every two years to take a step backward and try to see the need for skills in a broader perspective. Doing that helps you focus on what skills are more important than others.

Adobe Acrobat Ninja - book review

How to become an Adobe Acrobat Ninja!

Adobe Acrobat Ninja - Book review

Adobe Acrobat Ninja is a handbook for all things pdf. 13 chapters and 328 pages will take you through a systematic and well organized tour into the land of the Acrobats.

PDF has since its inception grown into a sprawling and ubiquitous file format which helps users store, print and send files to each other across platforms. Devised as a kind of closed and final file format based on postscript, pdf has also acquired a creative dimension. You can change and edit most things in pdf files! It is all of this and much more which Urszula Witherell has put into writing in her new book, Adob Acrobat Ninja.

Adobe FrameMaker 2020 Review. Adobe delivers on promises!

The long awaited FrameMaker 2020 is finally available! Adobe has just released it. Adobe FrameMaker is also a component of Adobe Technical Communication Suite which features FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Captivate and Presenter. FrameMaker 2020 is looking good, and here at we have spent a bit of time making a review...

3 reasons why Technical Writing has become the worlds most important and influential job!

1: Google is a Global User Manual for the worlds products!

So… your lawn mower makes a strange sound and won't start…

  • Do you go back to your shed and find the printed manual for the mower? No, you threw it out of course! 
  • Do you go to the manufacturers website and download the manual? No, of course not! Would take hours to find that silly stuff!!
  • Do you ask Google? Of course you do! And Google presents you with a nice little 3 point snippet User Manual in the top of the search results: 1: turn button 2: move lever 3: etc. '

Did Google write that text? No - a Technical Writer did!

How to do Content Marketing for small Webshops with Adobe FrameMaker [1/3]

Part 1 -  Part 2Part 3

When the idea first had taken root in my mind, I couldn't get it out of my head. Tequila. Tequila and Adobe FrameMaker…