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Aguamiel - US letter template

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US Letter - Portrait
1 column
Version 2022 (17)
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The "Aguamiel" FrameMaker template is - very - extensive unstructured US Letter FrameMaker template.

Some of the features:

  • US Letter size,
  • 5 numbered heading levels,
  • 5 levels of numbering in alphabetical uppercase and lowercase,
  • 5 levels of numbering in both numerical and roman style.
  • 13 table styles,
  • beautiful color scale,
  • Large number of Cross Reference styles
  • List of tables,
  • List of Figures,
  • Table of Contents,
  • Index,
  • Appendix,
  • Front and Back  cover.
    ... And the template does of course come with MIF files for backward compatibility
  • One can copy paste between this version and the A4 version

This template comes in an A4 version as well, which can be found here:

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This is absolutely the best piece of graphic design our company has ever bought . Was a tremendous help in revising our documentation!
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Cher Monsieur smalbro. Vous avez été d'une aide précieuse pour la réalisation de cette conception graphique. Merci beaucoup ! Avec amour Sylvie et Brigitte

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